CalciMedica collaborating with EpiPharma on CRAC channel inhibitor drugs

EpiPharma, Hungarian bio-pharmaceutical services and drug development company, has entered into a collaboration with CalciMedica as part of CalciMedica’s efforts to discover and develop CRAC channel inhibitor drugs for the treatment of inflammatory diseases.

Under the terms of this research collaboration agreement, CalciMedica will use EpiPharma’s state of the art Pre-clinical Drug Testing and Diagnostics Laboratory Platform to accelerate its drug discovery pipeline.

Two companies have been previously working together to examine the role of CRAC channels in pancreatic ductal cell function. The findings from that study prompted them to collaborate to speed up the development of highly selective CRAC channel inhibitor drugs for acute inflammatory indications.

Earlier this month, CalciMedica announced that its anti-inflammatory CRAC channel inhibitor drug Auxora™, when combined with standard therapy, improved outcomes in patients with severe COVID-19 pneumonia (see here).

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Photo by Sebastian Herrmann on Unsplash