Ion channel cell lines, cDNA, shRNA and ligand libraries

Here are the companies providing ion channel cell lines, ligand libraries, cDNA clones as well as shRNA targeting ion channels.

Company NameWebsiteInfoCountry
Axon Medchemhttps://www.axonmedchem.comA wide range of Axon Ligands targeting ion channels.The Netherlands
Creative Biolabshttps://www.creative-biolabs.comIon Channel Preparation as Immunogen. Stable cell lines. Antibody discovery.USA
Enaminehttps://enamine.netIon Channel Library of 30418 compoundsUkraine
Enzo Life Scienceshttp://www.enzolifesciences.comSCREEN-WELL® Ion Channel ligand library. 70 ion channel blockers and openers.USA
Some human ion channel stable cell lines
OriGene Technologieshttps://www.origene.com451 full length human ion channel cDNA clones. shRNA targeting over 450 human ion channel genes. SYBR primers for qPCR. Antibodies.USA
Selleck Chemicalshttps://www.selleckchem.comA collection of 116 small molecule modulators used for Ion channel research.USA
Smartox Biotechnologyhttps://www.smartox-biotech.comA library of toxins targeting ion channels.France
A library of venoms targeting ion channels.
United Kingdom