Ion channel screening providers

Multiple CROs provide ion channel screening services (both manual and automated high throughput testing). Discover them right here.

Company NameWebsiteInfoCountry
A Division of Creative Bioarray. Ion channel screening services. Fluorescence assays. Conventional patch-clamp electrophysiology. Automated electrophysiology. Stable cell lines.
AfaScihttps://www.afasci.comElectrophysiology services, including patch clamp and MEA-64 recordings of trigeminal ganglion and DRG neurons or brain slices.USA
AnaBioshttps://anabios.comElectrophysiology and calcium imaging in DRG neurons and cardiomyocytes.USA
ApconiXhttps://www.apconix.comIon channel screening services. Manual and automated electrophysiology. Assay development.United Kingdom
Aurora Biomedhttp://www.aurorabiomed.comIon channel screening. Ion Channel Readers, automated and manual patch clamp.Canada
AVIVAhttps://www.avivabio.comIon channel screening services. Ion channel cell lines.USA
Axxamhttps://axxam.comIon channel screening. Manual and automated patch-clamp.Italy
B'SYShttps://www.bsys.chIon channel screening services. Manual and automated patch clamp. Whole-cell recordings or single-channel analysis. GLP. Various expression systems. Multiple ion channel cell linesSwitzerland
ChanPharmhttp://www.chanpharm.comFunctional ion channel assays. Manual and automated electrophysiology.Austria
Charles Riverhttps://www.criver.comrIon channel screening services. Over 120 assays. Manual and automated ion channel screening. Profiling and mechanism of action studies.USA
ChemPartnerhttp://www.chempartner.comIon channel drug discovery services. Manual and automated patch-clamp. Brain Slice Synaptic Electrophysiology.China
Creative Bioarrayhttps://www.creative-bioarray.comCreative Bioarray proposes high quality products and services to accelerate life sciences research. hERG Safety Assay.USA
Creative Biogenehttps://www.creative-biogene.comIon channel drug screening services. Over 80 ion channel targets and over 200 ion channel assays. Conventional patch clamp electrophysiology, automated electrophysiology, and fluorescence assays. Ion Channel Stable Cell Lines.USA
Creative BioMarthttps://www.creativebiomart.netIon Channel Screening Assays. Manual and automated electrophysiology. Ion-flux and fluorescence-based assays.USA
Creative Biostructurehttps://www.creative-biostructure.comIon channel screening. Manual and automated patch-clamp. Single channel analysis. Structural biology.USA
Cyprotexhttps://www.cyprotex.comCardiac Assessment Using Microelectrode Array. Manual and automated patch clamp.USA
Electrophysiological characterization of cardiomyocytes from hiPSC. Automated and manual patch clamp.
E-PHY-SCIENCEhttps://www.e-phy-science.comIn vitro and in vivo electrophysiologyFrance
Eurofinshttps://www.eurofinsdiscoveryservices.comIon channel screening services. Manual and automated patch clamp. More than 60 ion channels. Ion channel cell lines.USA
Eurofins DiscoverXhttps://www.discoverx.comSAFETYscan™ Ion Channel Services. Manual and automated patch clamp. Fluorescence.USA
Evotechttps://www.evotec.comIon channel drug discovery services. Manual and automated patch clamp. Multiple cell types.Germany
Experimenticahttps://experimentica.comWhole-cell patch-clampFinland
HD Bioscienceshttp://www.hdbiosciences.comIon channel cell lines. Manual patch clamp. Calcium influx.China
Icagenhttp://www.icagen.comIon channel screening services. Manual and automated patch clamp. Fluorescence, radioactive flux. USA
ICE Bioscience channels screening assays. Ion channel cell lines. Brain slices.China
Automated two-electrode voltage clamp, expression of ion channels and transporters in Xenopus oocytes, target based screening
Inventa BioTechhttp://inventabiotech.comIon channel screening services
IonsGatehttp://ionsgate.comPreclinical research services focused on safety pharmacology, drug discovery and ion channel research.Canada
IPS Therapeutique (IPST)https://www.ipstherapeutique.comIPS Therapeutique (IPST) is a CRO dedicated to the preclinical evaluation of the efficacy and safety of new drugs. GLP and non-GLP manual patch clamp studies.Canada
Medicilonhttp://www.medicilon.comIon Channel Screening Services. Automated and manual patch clamp.China
Metrion Bioscienceshttps://www.metrionbiosciences.comIon channel screening services. A variety of electrophysiology, label free and fluorescence-based platforms. Cell Line Optimisation, Screening Assay Development, Screening LibraryUnited Kingdom
Neurexperthttp://www.neurexpert.comNeurexpert provides specialist neurophysiology expertise and bespoke electrophysiology assays for research into treatments of nervous system disordersUnited Kingdom
Neuroservicehttp://www.neuroservice.comElectrophysiological recordings in brain slices and cultured neurons. MEA and manual patch clamp. Single channel recordings. Perforated patch.France
Neurosolutionshttp://nsolns.comWhole-cell current- and voltage-clamp recordings from isolated preparations of the nervous system (cells and slices).United Kingdom
NMI TT Pharmaserviceshttps://www.nmi-tt.deNMI TT Pharmaservices is a contract research arm of NMI TT, serving pharma and biotech clients with CRO services in the areas of protein profiling, custom cell-based services and electrophysiology. Germany
Nova Research Labshttp://www.novreslab.comGLP and non-GLP ion channels assays. Ion channel trafficking and action potential assays. Primary cells. Manual patch clamp.USA
PhysioStimhttps://www.physiostim.comIon channel assays for cardiac safety studies.France
Profacgenhttps://www.profacgen.comIon channel screening services. Conventional patch clamp electrophysiology or automated electrophysiology. Fluorescence.USA
Q-State Bioscienceshttps://www.qstatebio.comHigh throughput all-optical electrophysiology platform OptopatchTM.USA
Reaction Biology Corporationhttp://www.reactionbiology.comElectrophysiology Assays. Manual and automated patch clamp. TEVC.USA
SB Drug Discoveryhttp://www.sbdrugdiscovery.comIon channel screening. Over 200 ion channel assays and more than 150 ion channel targets. Fluorescence, manual patch clamp and automated electrophysiology platforms.United Kingdom