Ion channel

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Ion channels are so critical, they control so much of our physiology, so much of what makes us ‘us’.

Damian Bell, Sophion Bioscience

I think that ion channels are the most important single class of proteins that exist in the human body or any body for that matter.
– Clay Armstrong
Ion channels are involved in every thought, every perception, every movement, every heartbeat.
– Clay Armstrong
No cell could exist without ion channels.
– Clay Armstrong
Ion channels are so critical, they control so much of our physiology, so much of what makes us ‘us’.
– Damian Bell
If you really want to get deep you could even argue that ion channels are the molecular source of the soul.
– Damian Bell
I have ion channels, therefore I think, therefore I am.
– Damian Bell
Ion channels rock!
– Joe McGivern
Keep Calm and Carry iOns.
– Colin Nichols
The sewing machine is effectively an electrophysiology rig.
– Andrea Meredith
I think of a patch clamp rig like a piano. Anyone with enough money can buy a piano, but it takes months or years to learn how to PLAY the piano.
– Joe Cordes
We think of Automated Patch Clamp like an iPhone. It might not be cheap to buy one, but when you have it, it doesn’t require much training and it will make your life a whole lot easier.
– Thomas Binzer
Gandalf was an ion channel. He told the Balrog it couldn’t pass.
– Unknown neuroscience lecturer
What is an ion channel but a boring hole in the membrane? Transporters are the way to go!
– Ron Kaback
To use a car analogy: transporters are the slow, sluggish, gas-guzzling SUVs that no one should own; whereas ion channels are the classy, chic, sleek & speedy E-type Jaguar that everyone lusts after.
– Damian Bell
Transporters are slow contortionists while ion channels are fast and subtly dancers.
– Jose Serrano-Moreno
Every facade of the human condition is an ion communicating its desires through a channel.
– Supriya Balaji
Ion channels are the most boring topic in the world.
– Unknown student
I swear ligand-gated ion channels will be the death of me. So boring.
– Unknown student
Whether gated by voltage or ligand, ion channels are crucial in cellular regulation.
– Jamie L. Weiss
Ion channels are like the doors and windows of the cell onto the world.
– Lucie Delemotte
Ephys room with 4 rigs. Multi-lingual swearing all day long.
– Dhananjay Thakur
Patch clampers are all about instant gratification. We sit down and we know if it’s going to work or not in 20 minutes.
– Chris Mathes
The sensitivity of ion channels makes us sensitive.
– Nasreen Choudhury
To fix the rig… you have to become the rig.
– Emily Jorgensen
Automated patch clamp, ephys power to the people.
– Damian Bell