Here are the upcoming events related to ion channels. Don't miss.

December 3, 2020

Automated Patch Clamp in Academia

Live Webinar

Join Dr Damian Bell from Sophion Bioscience who will be talking about Sophions’ work with Bridging the Gap Between Basic & Applied Research; followed by Dr Nina Ottosson from Linköping University who will give a talk about  APC in Academia – Screening of Resin Acid Derivatives.


December 8, 2020

A World of Opportunity: Ion Channels and Automated Patch-Clamping

Virtual event, Massachusetts, US

Through this event, we will explore the history of automated patch-clamping and discover how a career working with ion channels can be incredibly rewarding. Accomplished speakers with experience working in pharma, academia, and biotechnology will cover topics including: Why they chose a career working with ion channels, the transition from academia to industry, profound discoveries as a result of their work, and where they see the field moving towards in the future.


February 2-5, 2021

Frontiers in ion channels and nanopores: theory, experiments and simulation

Rome, Italy

This workshop brings together leading and emerging scientists in the field of ion channels and nanopores covering theoretical advances, state-of-the-art simulation approaches, and frontline experimental techniques.


June 2-3, 2021

Sophion 5th Ion Channel Modulation Symposium

Clare College, Memorial Court, Cambridge, United Kingdom

The Ion Channel Modulation Symposium gathers a broad range of people, from academia, CROs and pharmaceutical companies, to discuss the science of ion channel modulation.


June 10-12, 2021

Channelopathy 2021

Hôtel Le Concorde, 1225 Cours du Général-de Montcalm, Québec QC (QC), Canada

Channelopathy 2021 will place emphasis on broad scientific themes shared across ion channel types and diseases.


July 16-20, 2022

The International Gap Junction Conference

A Coruña, Spain,

The International Gap Junction Conference brings together a diverse international community of basic science researchers that focus on connexins and pannexins. The meeting topics include the cell biology/interactomes/signaling/trafficking, channel structure and function/biophysics of connexins and pannexins and their role in cancer, inflammation, tissue regeneration, cardiovascular function, development/reproduction, inherited diseases, the nervous system and sensory systems.



Ion Channel & Cancer Meeting + Calcium Signaling In Cancer Workshop ECS session

Lille, France

This meeting will be dedicated to exploring ion channel regulation from molecular biophysics to physiology and clinical applications in cancer biology.


Workshop postponed and being converted to an online conference

International Ion Channel Aquaporin Workshop

Canberra, Australia

The first international workshop focused on sharing knowledge about ion channel aquaporins, their roles in biology and their application in boosting food security.



EMBO|FEBS Lecture Course on Ion channels and transporters: From molecule to man

Erice, Italy

This course is designed to provide an overview of the latest aspects of ion channel and transporter research. Topics covered will include structural, functional and computational aspects, as well as more general themes, such as publishing and the role of women in science. Additionally, the course will feature didactic tutorials and some hands-on exercises. There will be ample opportunities for discussion and ad hoc interactions between students and lecturers. Lastly, the small town of Erice provides a relaxed and beautiful setting for the course.