Equipment manufacturers

Here are the companies that will cover all your equipment needs for ion channel research and drug discovery.

Company NameWebsiteInfoCountry
ADInstrumentshttps://www.adinstruments.comADInstruments creates and distributes tools for scientific data acquisition and analysis.New Zealand
ALA Scientific Instrumentshttps://alascience.comALA Scientific Instruments manufactures and distributes instruments for cellular electrophysiology.USA
Alembic Instrumentshttp://www.alembicinstruments.comAlembic Instruments manufactures a whole-cell patch clamp amplifierCanada
Alpha MED Scientifichttp://alphamedsci.comAlpha MED Scientific (a subsidiary of SCREEN Holdings Co.) manufactures MEA systems.Japan
A-M Systemshttps://www.a-msystems.comA-M Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of precision neurophysiology instruments.USA
AutoMate Scientifichttps://www.autom8.comAutoMate Scientific distributes and manufactures biomedical instruments for electrophysiology.USA
Axion BioSystems
Axion BioSystems manufactures multi-well MEA systems.
Bio-Logic manufactures laboratory research instruments and software. Rapid Solution Changer.France
Bioptechshttp://www.bioptechs.comBioptechs manufacturers live-cell microscopy environmental control systemsUSA
Cambridge Electronic Design (CED) offers electronic equipment as well as software for electrophysiology.United Kingdom
Dagan manufactures various equipment for electrophysiologyUSA
Digitimerhttps://digitimer.comDigitimer designs manufactures and distributes a wide range of products for electrophysiology.United Kingdom
Elementshttps://elements-ic.comElements manufactures electronic instrumentation for electrophysiology.Italy
Fluxion Bioscienceshttps://ionflux.fluxionbio.comFluxion Biosciences develops analytical tools for functional cellular analyses and among other instruments manufactures the IonFlux™ automated patch clamp system for ion channel drug discovery.USA
HEKAhttps://www.heka.comHEKA (a subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience and a member of Smart Ephys) manufactures sophisticated instrumentation and software for electrophysiology.Germany
Intan Technologieshttp://www.intantech.comIntan Technologies offers microchips for monitoring cellular signals.USA
Inventa BioTechhttp://inventabiotech.comInventa BioTech offers CytoPatch, a robotic AI patch clamp platform designed to mimic a manual patch rig.USA
Luigs & Neumann
Luigs & Neumann develops and produces various fine mechanics (e.g. manipulators) and electronic devices for electrophysiological workstations.
Micro Control Instruments (MCI)https://mci-neuroscience.comMCI develops and offers a wide range of equipment for electrophysiology including anti vibration tables, micromanipulators, microscopes and complete electrophysiology rigs.United Kingdom
Molecular Deviceshttps://www.moleculardevices.comMolecular Devices offers a wide range of bioanalytical systems including well- known Axon Instruments manual patch-clamp systems as well as IonWorks automated patch clamp systems.USA
Multi Channel Systemshttps://www.multichannelsystems.comMulti Channel Systems (a subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience and a member of Smart Ephys) develops precise scientific instruments for electrophysiology including PatchServer (pipette based automatic patch-clamp system) as well as HiClamp and Roboocyte2 systems (automated two-electrode voltage clamp systems for Xenopus oocytes).Germany
Nanionhttps://www.nanion.deNanion is one of the most respected automated patch clamp providers in the world.Germany
Narishigehttps://narishige-group.comNarishige manufactures various kinds of precision research instruments for medical scienceJapan
NeoBiosystemshttp://www.neobiosystems.comNeoBiosystems offers automated patch clamp products for academia including PatchMAX and ChannelMAX systems.USA
Neuromatic Deviceshttps://neuromaticdevices.comNeuromatic Devices specializes in neuroscience research tools and products for automated whole-cell patch clamping.USA
npi electronic GmbHhttp://www.npielectronic.denpi electronic GmbH designs and manufactures electronic measurement equipment for use in the life sciences.Germany
Photoswitch Biosciences
Photoswitch Biosciences developed a fluorescent plate reader that is capable of collecting data at electrophysiological rates, up to 10 kHz. High-Throughput Optical Electrophysiology.
Quest Scientific Instruments manufactures Hum Bug device for elimination 50/60Hz noise and harmonicsCanada
Scientifica provides cutting-edge equipment for electrophysiology, multiphoton imaging and optogenetics research.United Kingdom
Sensapexhttps://www.sensapex.comSensapex offers ultraprecise micromanipulators for electrophysiology.Finland
Siskiyouhttp://www.siskiyou.comSiskiyou provides a wide range of micromanipulators and other instruments for Life Science researchers.USA
Sophion Biosciencehttp://sophion.comSophion Bioscience is one of the leaders in the automated patch clamp field.Denmark
Sutter Instrumenthttps://www.sutter.comSutter Instrument provides advanced, innovative, precision instrumentation for the biomedical research community.USA
Tecellahttp://www.tecella.comTecella manufactures amplifier systems for electrophysiologyUSA
TMChttps://www.techmfg.comTMC produces advanced vibration isolation systemsUSA
Warner Instrumentshttps://www.warneronline.comWarner Instruments (a subsidiary of Harvard Bioscience and a member of Smart Ephys) distributes and develops biomedical devices for electrophysiology.USA
WaveFront Biosciences
WaveFront Biosciences is the maker of the Panoptic kinetic-imaging plate reader. Thallium flux, calcium flux, etc.
World Precision Instrumentshttps://www.wpi-europe.comWPI distributes and manufactures research instrumentation.United Kingdom