thank you message

We are grateful to all the people who contributed to the development of the ION CHANNEL LIBRARY. Special thanks to:

Kateryna Kondratskyi, University of Lille, France
Anastasia Bazhanova, Vancouver, Canada
Hugues Abriel, University of Bern, Switzerland
Damian Bell, Sophion Biosciences, UK
Andrea Meredith, University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA
Lucie Delemotte, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Fredrik Elinder, Linköping University, Sweden
Chris Mathes, AnaBios, USA
Thomas Binzer, Sophion Biosciences, Denmark
Lesley Anson, Anson Scientific, UK
Andrea Brüggemann, Nanion Technologies, Germany
Irina Vetter, University of Queensland, Australia
Lisa Manaster, CACNA1A Foundation, USA
Shanna Tolbert, CACNA1A Foundation, USA
Norbert Weiss, Charles University, Czech Republic
Henry Colecraft, Columbia University Medical Center, USA
Frances Ashcroft, University of Oxford, UK
Joachim Eeckhout,, Germany
Marc Rogers, Albion Drug Discovery Services Ltd, UK
Sophie Muir, Timothy Syndrome Alliance, UK