WHO, WHAT and WHY of ionchannellibrary

Hi. I’m Artem. I’m an ion channel scientist. I’m also a husband and a father. I grew up in Moldova, got my Master and PhD in Ukraine, and now I live in France.

Keywords that best describe my scientific background are: ion channels, biophysics, patch clamp, calcium, autophagy, cancer, neurons.

I created ionchannellibrary with the goal to globally raise ion channel awareness, to help people within the ecosystem become more knowledgeable, to bring them together and to stimulate productive collaborations between academia and industry, leading to more patients cured with great ion channel drugs.

I believe that ion channels are underexploited drug targets with enormous untapped potential and, in my opinion, having access to valid information about what’s going on in the field (both in academia and industry) is essential to uncover this potential. I’m convinced, the ion channel professional ecosystem can do much better if all the stakeholders are properly informed.

And here is the problem – there is a lack of structured, communicated and visualized information related to ion channel research and drug discovery, nowadays.

Well, obviously, scientists can find the latest articles on ion channels in Pubmed or similar resources. But, in our era of hyperspecialization, most of the time, scientists get busy with their specific topics and tend to lose sight of the big picture. Also, scientific databases as an information resource are not suitable for people without a scientific background, but who nonetheless play an important role in the development of the field by bringing resources and attention. Here I’m talking about investors and the media.

Do you want to know how the ion channel field is getting on as a whole? What are the challenges and the latest news in ion channel research and drug development? What are the current trends and future perspectives in ion channel drug discovery? What company/laboratory to collaborate with? Who proposes ion channel screening services in your country? What are the top ion channel meetings planned for this year?

ionchannellibrary has been created to provide the answers to these and many other questions.

I truly hope that the ionchannellibrary’s content will be helpful and valuable for you, and I’d love to hear your thoughts on that.


Artem Kondratskyi.

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay